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Our Easy-to-use Design

Our design is not a copy of an old teledex or some other archaic form of recruiting, it harnesses the power of a computer built on simple screens that most users don’t even need more than a cursory explanation before they can straight away start to use the system.

Screens are built around CLIENTS, APPLICANTS, (Employment) AGREEMENTS and LISTINGS (Jobs). It runs your reminders, appointments, marketing (even making automatic records of your letters / emails and campaigns). Simple Timesheet entry, debtors balancing, receipts and deposits as well as PRT calculations.

AgreementApplicantClientListings ManagerListingsListings AdvertisementsMedia ManagerTimesheetsReceipts and RefundsAppointmentsReminders 

  • Why buy multiple modules when with us it’s all there in one package?

  • Why pay Maintenance if you don’t want to?

  • Why pay rental when it’s cheaper to own a copy?

For larger companies and groups we also offer a higher level of security and a system designed around the power of SQL. Fully internet with built in website, online job board, online Timesheets and invoicing, even the power to automatically send your ads to SEEK and MY CAREER. It even manages the applications and assesses the quality of your ads / applications and success rates – no 3rd party software required!

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