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Common to many of our clients, the first reason they call us is their dissatisfaction with other providers where the software provider blames the hardware provider who in turns blame the service provider and around the circle goes. RSA can  provide you with software AND the hardware to run it.

Whilst all software providers will tell you what you need at a minimum, we can build you what you need now and in the future based on the technology available. If cost is a concern then we can build the most efficient systems and recommend what peripherals will suit you best, price wise, performance wise or compatibility wise. Those headaches with the printers not talking to your computers or other peripherals are not quite gone but we can provide a solution where you don’t have different people blaming everyone else – where we supply the hardware, the buck stops with us!

Networking, small business, can’t afford a dedicated IT staff member? or just don’t want the constant cost of one? Like many companies today we can supply personnel as required or based on maintenance contract – our difference? We supply the hardware, the software and then maintain it – no other Recruitment Software company can match that!




Debtcon development started in 1998 and it was 2 years before it was released to a small market of “technical recruiters”, a system inherently built around the control of “debtors” where Independent Contractors were paid an hourly rate for specific assignments. As legislation changed and more recruiters have become aware of the system we have grown to encompass fully flexible tax scales, daily or weekly based systems, even catering to standardised salaries or contract rates for given disciplines. Our clientele has grown to include secretarial agencies, engineering agencies, call centre personnel and industrial recruiters where  you can place 100 personnel in one assignment – we even designed a “cloning” system where you create 1 agreement and can then add as many as you want – in one click of  button!




Detailed reports are built with a screen based on all your client requirements, whether its monitoring phone calls, faxes, meetings, emails, submissions of CVs, gifts or even just how many marketing letters have gone out, the system tracks it all, in fact if you are using Debtcon to send individual letters, emails or bulk marketing letters or emails, it in fact automatically can create your marketing entries – no wasting time here. You can customise your own letters or use the over 40 letters and emails the system comes fully supplied with.

No more problems of Consultants calling up the same client – because our system is real time, as soon as the entry is saved – all staff know what’s happened.




Similar to the Client reporting there are several similar (but not the same) reports built in, with a screen based on all your immediate Applicant information, whether its tax, superannuation or even just where they live and contact information, its all there. And for detailed information its all ONE click away, not multiple screens to find the most basic information. Its quick, its simple and easy to follow with the addition of the Marketing screen you can check all the contacts and advice you have sent or undertaken with them - meetings, emails, submissions of CVs, gifts or even just how many marketing letters have gone out, the system tracks it all.




Our system, we believe, without doubt is one of the clearest most efficient screen designs available – its copy written and patent pending, it allows in one screen for you to see the clients in alpha order, all jobs listed, who you have submitted, when they have been interviewed and the results. It has single button quick links to take you to the applicant, the original listing and or submission details, the CV of the applicant, even the applicants assessment particulars. It even can be prioritised so you know which jobs need the most urgent work and again all with one click of a button. The screen can be reorganised by selecting headings based on applicant or client priority, interview date or even the dates submitted to the client! Cant lose a job here!

In fact when you take a listing, it automatically fills in data based on the clients needs, specific job spec and your own data on the client, for new consultants you can even set it up with appropriate salary, hourly or contract rates. Priority settings, automated notifications to keep your client and applicant can also be handled at this point in time. Even a network broadcast to other consultants to let them know the job came in is as easy as one button away.




Whether you are using Module 1 or Module 2 the entry is quick and efficient. With Module 2 all of the hard work is done online including checking the entries.

Module 1 is built around the concept of how many hours per week whereas Module 2 can be cut further into individual days. The system can then produce cheques, EFT payments or a single cheque payment for all payments - even a mixture of EFT and single deposits, its not a problem to our system.




Module 1 and 2 have similar reporting, however critical analysis like where you get your applicants,  is more critically assessed and managed by Module 2 thanks to the interactivity of the database / internet / job board and website.

Our reporting allows you to identify what your consultants are doing, how they are doing it and how much money they REALLY are making. Whether its Permanent Placement, Contract, Direct Hire or Temporaries it critically assesses their performance.




Most Accounting packages are extremely flexible, they allow the complete altering of figures from previous years without effect on the current financial year, this is great for accountants BUT terrible for the Owner or Manager who wants to know what is REALLY” going on.

DebtCon wont replace a full general ledger system however it collates all data for PRT, Workcover, PAYG, GST relating to your debtors. It has full facilities for export work (GST Free), journals, credit notes and receipts. The criteria it works on is real time, based on daily receipts, monthly credit notes, journals and year-end reporting.

It allows for tax variations, group variations  (for the agency wide tax variants) and is so flexible you can create or update the tax tables at your own choice – anytime! HECS, SFSS is no problem, even Superannuation whether you pay monthly, quarterly or otherwise, even to clearing houses! Its all handled. In fact the GL becomes far easier to work with, as Debtcon does NOT allow people to remove entry errors, only supervisors are allowed to do this and our security records tell you who deleted receipts, created credit notes, journals etc. Its all about ensuring you know what’s REALLY happening and you remain in control.




Nothing can take more time to do than adding reminders or appointments - or even worse forgetting to do them! So our system allows not only a great deal of interactivity but it checks what is entered - cant double book those interview rooms, it even automatically reminds you to enter results of your client meetings or interviews. Wherever reasonably possible we have looked at limiting input and doing the work for you - THIS SAVES YOUR TIME AND MINIMISES MISTAKES - that's what reminders are all about - aren't they?




This is the “accelerated” version, it has all the functions of DebtCon, PLUS with fully integrated, permanent online functions including online job board and link to company website, online Timesheets, online access for clients to access their accounts and invoices, even automatic uploading to job websites like MY CAREER and SEEK, complete with fully integrated reporting to ensure you know which ads works and are accessed the most. Wait till you hear about how the system even ensures multiple applications are not wasting your consultants’ time or resources!




We can integrate a website (based on our skeleton) where we can link some componentry to the database so that it appears seamless OR with Module 2 where it is automatically and seamlessly linked to your database - 24 hours a day, in real time!

NOTE: Module 2 does require full design and reintegration for your logo / colours to match our underlying facilities.


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