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Standard Security in all Versions

Security is defined in several ways however with our software irregardless upon your version (Module 1 or 2),  you can control the different (user definable) levels of Operators and the access that each user may have, thus ensuring ONLY the right people  see what is necessary. In addition there is on both modules a variety of security and performance management reporting automatically built in.

Login Window

On top of this Module 1(the ACCESS based version) can have a password-protected database such that even if your database was stolen – no one could open it, not even Microsoft!

For Module 2 (SQL users), not only do they need the correct database admin tool to even find the database, it is automatically encrypted !

Security is something critical to RECRUITMENT AGENCIES, giving users access to read but not print certain reports is one way this system is unique. You can even decide who can export reports based on each individual user!

The debtors systems are extremely stringent and security conscious, far moreso than many of the Accounting based ledgers we have tested. Whether its to assess if any cheque numbers have not been used or even to find out who has deleted any receipts - the system will tell you. Whenever the system identifies a possible breach of procedure it identifies the user by their login.

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