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Back in the Pre 2000 Era

- many companies in recruitment were floundering, wondering how they would handle the millennium bug. One of our clients had the same problem – a custom system that suited their needs but built around DOS and it had the “two digit” failure. It handled their specific workplace and no other.

They initially started to redevelop a new package however the difference between what a user wants and software developers can provide quickly became an issue (both monetarily and time wise) and this is where the owners of RSA were called in. We provided (through a previous background in Recruiting) an interface for our clients to establish rigid criteria to meet their demands and needs, in fact we found through using a basic “skeleton” previously developed we were not only able to cut the costs substantially but improve the flexibility of the design.  

This "skeleton"  was built around handling the Debtors side of a recruiter that mainly handled Contractors – hence the name DebtCon.

From an initial design document we developed a process that met the clients needs and still maintained the information necessary for the programmers to undertake their work. The project took 2 years to bring from design to fruition and the first release occurred in July 1998.


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