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Why get caught paying for modules or a system that doesn’t meet your needs straight away? Why get caught with expensive maintenance contracts because the software developer didn’t allow it to be manually upgradeable? Why pay for the rental of software when you can OWN the software for a lesser price?

Why buy a system that has its own General Ledger or Word processing system – when you know they aren’t as good as what specialist provide? or you have to buy modules that you know aren’t as good as what you use at the moment?

These are the traditional problems of Recruitment Software, you have to pay for different modules before it will even do its basic job, you then get ripped off having to pay maintenance contracts because the system cant even modify its own tax tables (just one example).

Our solution is a cost-efficient solution that has many functions the user can tailor themselves, and fully interacts with the most common browsers and WP systems, on top of which as we DON’T try to sell this system to HR consultants, we have streamlined the design efficiencies to ensure it works the way RECRUITERS DO!

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